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TargetMarket is Charleston, South Carolina-based web design and internet marketing firm. We are developers, marketers, designers, and technology providers for hundreds of companies in the South East and beyond. We help clients optimize their brand over web and mobile, and develop custom solutions to increase traffic and lead conversions.
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We measure everything. Analytics allow us to refine our processes to be more efficient, while reporting to our clients actual data-based results on our search and paid marketing campaigns.
Seconds to make an impression before losing a first-time website visitor
Billion searches made globally each month on the web
% Of all advertising dollars were spent online in 2014
Cups of coffee will be consumed at TargetMarket in 2015


Nick Nydegger Business Development
Jared Pannell Senior Developer
Jeremy Masula Creative Director
William McLaughlin Front End Developer / Graphic Designer
Catherine Bruhnke Production Assistant
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Palmetto Primary Care Web Design, Content Management, Hosting

Charleston Style & Design Magazine Web Design, Custom Development, Content Management, Hosting

Charleston Luxe Rentals Web Design, Content Management, Hosting

HubeeD's Web Design, Content Management, Hosting

Fertility Center of Charleston Web Design, Content Management, Search Engine Optimization, Hosting

Big Billy's Burger Joint Web Design, Content Management, Hosting

Blushair Web Design, Content Management, Hosting


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What IS your website? You know you need an effective web presence, but have you stopped to think about your site’s true purpose? You might say “to get exposure,” “to sell my product,” or “to promote my services.” Let's establish a gameplan to pinpoint your target visitor demographic.
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E-COMMERCEModern Shopping
E-Commerce websites are essential for any business selling products or services. Gain the competitive advantage and increased sales potential that an online storefront can bring to your business. Target Market’s e-commerce websites provide turnkey functionality, security and reliability.
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CUSTOM WEB DESIGN Clean, Functional, and Responsive
A website is an essential marketing tool for branding a successful business. Target Market's customized web design solutions incorporate attractive graphics, functional navigation, and a unique approach to each site's target customer.
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SEO is the most important part of any internet marketing campaign, and in most cases, it is the most neglected part. If a business has a website that is not found by major search engines, then a business hardly has a website at all. Increasing traffic while pinpointing a target audience is critical to acheiving success online.
CONTENT MANAGEMENT Create, Edit, Publish
Target Market’s Content Management System (CMS) is an easy-to-use application that allows your company to maintain control of your website and online identity. With a CMS, you can quickly and easily update copy, images, blogs and other elements of your website.



We happily ring in 2015 with the launch of our own new site. There is much more to come here, so we encourage everyone to check back often as we continue to add sections regarding our industry partnerships, recent project launches, and specific service offerings. Many projects on the horizon, so we’ll be publishing case studies in this NEWS section as they become available. Too many great projects were launched in the Fall, so we’ll likely go back in time and make posts regarding those shortly as well so stay tuned...

In other brief news, we’re excited about this year’s involvement on the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Board of Advisors, as well as our renewed relationship with the Charleston Digital Corridor. We’ve also just launched our first major project as an official FirstSpirit CMS Implementation Partner, so we’ll be releasing a case study on that in the coming weeks.

Thanks to all for a successful 2014 and here’s to the New Year!